Behavior clip charts are all the rage these days - on why not to use them, but for some of us, they work great in our classrooms and are effective.  I began using a clip chart last year and it proved to be an effective tool for classroom management.  I was once told, "you do what is best for your class", and right now a clip chart seems to do the job.  My students rarely have to move their clip down and they try so hard to move up to the Hall of Fame and earn jewels!

I searched the land of the internet and couldn't ever find a clip chart that I just loved and fit my style.  This diagonal stripe and chalkboard design will go with any classroom theme.  Just print out, laminate, cut, attach with a cute ribbon, and add a bow on top! 

This is how I use the clip chart in my classroom.  

Each student has a clip and starts on green, Ready to Learn, at the beginning of each day.  If the student is making great choices they move their clip or clothespin up.  If they are not making a good choice they clip down.  Yes, I let my students clip back up, but it's not easy.  Everyone can get a second chance.  You do what best fits you!  Once students reach pink their clip is retired to the Hall of Fame and they get a new clothespin the next morning.  From then on, each time they reach pink, they earn on a jewel on their Hall of Fame clothespin.  Once they receive five jewels on their Hall of Fame clothespin I give students a surprise.  They usually are so excited because it's something they usually love and are really into.  They don't realize I call their parents to find out what they would like :)  Sneaky teacher!  Now, I am a teacher and not a millionaire so there is a pretty tight limit on what I will spend.  

Each student has a behavior calendar in their take home folder.  At the end of each day, students color their behavior calendar according to the color their clip was on at the end of the day.  I made the behavior calendars in black and white for ease of printing and to save ink.  Plus, my students love color coding the key on the side of each chart!

At the end of the day students are rewarded tickets depending on their end of day color.  They receive one ticket for staying on green, two for blue, three for purple, and four for pink.  At the end of the week students turn in their tickets for a prize out of the treasure chest or for classroom coupons.  Coupon prices range from 5-20 tickets.  Last year I started using these Reward Coupons and they have been a huge hit!  

I hope if you are looking for a classroom management tool that this can help you out!

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