Hand in the air.


"Can I go to the bathroom?"

All teachers hear these six words ten thousand times a day.  Over and over and over.

In my classroom, thankfully, I never hear these words anymore!  From the first day of school I teach my bathroom procedure and it's really quite simple.  When a child needs to use the bathroom, they fetch their designated hand sanitizer bottle and show you - simply say yes or nod your head.  The student then sits the bottle on their desk and heads to the bathroom.  When they return, it is an automatic reminder to sanitize their hands and then return the bottle to it's designated home in your classroom.

This procedure cuts down on the constant asking to go to the bathroom and keeps those little (or big!) hands sanitized.  Cut down on the constant bathroom questions and keep your classroom healthier and cleaner!

Ready to set up a bathroom procedure in your classroom?  Click the photo below!

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