One thing I learned when introducing First Graders to open and closed syllables was that they needed a visual to fully understand an open syllable vs. a closed one.

The most obvious visual for open and close is a door and we had one of those right in our classroom.   I would write words on note cards, cut them apart, and tape to the door facing and door.  For example, I would write not on a card, cut between the o and t, tape no to the left door facing and t on the door.  Open the door and the word is no, close the door and the word becomes not.  Perfect visual for those little brains!

"Because many students may not be strong auditory or visual learners, they need a hands-on understanding of new concepts.  Interacting kinesthetically with material while seeing and/or hearing the information leaves the most lasting mark on the memory for later recall and application.  Individuals develop kinesthetic, or body memory.  The more one actually does something, the more likely one will remember the way it feels.  The motor memory for body movement has a strong and lasting role in the learning process.  When using multi-sensory techniques in teaching reading, it is important that the students experience the concept from the inside out in order to make it a personal epxerience." - Brainspring Educator Academy

We all know for little brains they need repetitive practice.  Using a house gives them an example that they can relate to.

The Open and Closed Syllable House is a multi-sensory aid to assist students' understanding.  Students will use the strips to create a "door" for the house.  They will open and close the door to demonstrate open vs. closed syllables.  Some strips already have the final consonant printed to help students understand how the process works.  Other strips do not include the final consonant so students can practice adding it to make a closed syllable word.  

Do you teach open vs. closed syllables?  If so, use this resource to help your students!  To purchase this product, click HERE to head to my TPT store.  

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