Guys, girls, teacher friends...I am so excited!

Ever since I started creating teaching products and selling on Teachers Pay Teachers, my goal has been to create curriculum or units for classroom teachers to use.  Today, I am finally publishing my first unit.  If I said I wasn't a little nervous I'd be lying.  I have worked on this unit off and on this summer in between beach trips, days at the pool, trips to Texas to visit Mom and Dad, and all the other summer fun we've had.

There are several reasons I created Learning Through Literature.

  • When I taught 1st Grade there were tons of units available to teach reading skills.  For 4th grade, not so much.
  • I wanted to teach/review reading skills such as character, setting, plot, problem/solution, summarizing, and theme through picture books.

More educators are making this match in their teaching, with significant success. While graphic and illustrated novels gain traction among teen and tween readers, traditional picture books hold a place of their own and provide versatile, effective teaching tools for a range of students. - School Library Journal

Learning Through Literature teaches the skills using six picture books: Snowflake Bentley, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Bedhead, Jumanji, Chicken Sunday, and What to do With an Idea.

In Learning Through Literature you will find skill posters, graphic organizers, interactive notebook activities, vocabulary work, independent reading activities with questions, language arts review, and writing prompts.  Each book includes a variety of activities.  This unit was created with intentions of doing one book a week, but you may pick and choose what activities you want to use and fit it to your needs.  

I am so excited to use this with my students this year and hope that you will be able to use it in your classroom as well.  Follow the link below to my TPT store to purchase Learning Through Literature.  Be sure to let me know what you think!  

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