Prefix Posters

If you are a teacher in Arkansas you are very familiar with the new RISE initiative.  If not, well, you've been hiding under a brick somewhere and you better find your way out. To help strengthen reading education in the state, Arkansas is focused on changing instructional practices in the classroom and incorporating the knowledge and practices of the Science of Reading.

Students will need to be able to use a combined knowledge of all letter-sound correspondences, syllabication patterns, and morphology, including roots and affixes, to read accurately unfamiliar multi-syllabic words in context and out of context.

A big chunk of morphology from 3rd to 6th grade is the study of roots and affixes.  This is an important part of building better readers.  Through the learning of prefixes and suffixes, students will better understand the meaning behind different vocabulary words.  Knowing the different prefixes and suffixes students will have the tools they need to decode difficult words.

In my new Prefix Poster Pack, I include 36 of the most common prefixes.  Each poster includes the meaning and examples.

Use this poster pack to help introduce the prefixes to your students.  They can then be transferred to a morphology wall for your students to refer to during the year.  Designed with watercolor graphics, these posters will look great in any classroom!

Ready to purchase the Prefix Poster Pack for your classroom?  Click here!

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  1. What is the prefix or suffix of the word inside? I don’t feel that “in” used in the word inside is a prefix. Inside is a compound word which means two words are put together. In the form of “in” for a prefix, it had a Latin definition of being the meaning of “not” like in incoherent or indecent. posters